Jad Joubran

Award-winning tech speaker
& web consultant

Based in Amsterdam, I help businesses increase their revenue by improving their web performance.

Web Consultant

I lead consultancy web projects and present workshops for companies on Progressive Web Apps.


Tech Speaker

I regularly speak at tech conferences and private companies around the world about PWAs & Web Performance.


FullStack Teacher

I teach full stack development to 600+ students in Amsterdam at Le Wagon coding bootcamp. I'm also a PluralSight author.

Trusted by

and other companies such as IKEA & MediaMarkt


I'm humbled to be awarded for my continuous community engagements

Recent & upcoming talks

Secrets of native-like PWAs

Presented at Microsoft Ignite
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Date: March, 2019

Introduction to Service Workers

Presented at Google Poland
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date: June, 2019

Secrets of native-like PWAs

Presenting at Fronteers
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date: October, 2019

Secrets of native-like PWAs

Presenting at CodeMotion.
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: November, 2019

Speaking events

I’ve inspired audiences around the world. Book me to speak at your conference in 2019, I'll reply within 24 hours.

Products I've built

Learn JavaScript

Learn & practice modern JavaScript step by step with this interactive online course.


Webdash helps you visualize, monitor & manage your web project using community-driven plugins.

Code To Go

Code To Go helps you find up to date snippets for common JavaScript use cases.

Top YouTube video

Articles I've published

Build A PWA With Webpack & Workbox

This tutorial will help you transform an app that doesn’t work offline into a PWA that works offline and shows an update available icon.

Smashing magazine

How to get more clients as a freelancer

Learn practical tips that will help you get more clients as a freelance developer while earning more. Kickstart your freelance career in 7 steps.


A 5 minute intro to Workbox 3

Workbox is a collection of JavaScript libraries that help you with service worker related functionalities when you’re building Progressive Web Apps.


Running fetch in a web worker

An explainer for Web Workers and Comlink using fetch as an example Web API. Serves as an intro for Web workers.

Google Developer Experts

Get in touch

I'm available for contractual work related to front-end, especially Web Performance & Progressive Web Apps. Feel free to get in touch.