Before sending an email, please read the following:

  1. Do you have a question about a specific challenge or lesson in one of my courses?
    Then please use the help center inside of the course. The help center is in the bottom-right corner.
    I've built tools that allow you to easily share your code so that I can better help you.
  2. Do you have a generic question regarding one of my courses? Then please read the Frequently Asked Questions first:
  3. Would you like to reset the course, or would you like to skip to a chapter? You can do that yourself from the course's Help center (bottom-right corner).
  4. Would you like a completion certificate? Once you complete the course, you will be presented with a form where you can fill in your name to create a certificate (you will get a link to a PDF that you can use on LinkedIn).
  5. Did you use to have a PRO membership and can't access it anymore? This is most likely because you're logged in with another GitHub account. Please click on the Trial icon and then select Recover account.
  6. Questions regarding personal projects should be asked on the GitHub community (PRO members) and tagged under Non-course questions.
  7. Please note that the PRO account is linked to your purchase date and cannot be extended or modified as it's used for accounting purposes.
  8. Did you already message me on the help center in one of the courses? Please allow up to 2 business days for a reply (business days are Monday to Friday).
  9. Please note that there are no special, hidden, hidden, or black Friday discounts. The courses already offer a variety of payment facilitations; please check them out on the How we help with our pricing popup on the payment page of the relevant course. Also, I cannot offer the course for free. Unlike video courses, this is a platform that requires plenty of time and resources to maintain. All payments have to be done using the payment page for the correct tax assessment and invoicing (there are plenty of rules and regulations that we have to follow). Thank you for understanding.
  10. We cannot accept payments in Crypto currencies.
  11. Are you unable to access the website, unable to use the help center, or would you like to ask something else? Then you can email me at [email protected] (Please make sure you've read the above, thank you!)

Thank you for your cooperation!